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Business -事業内容-


Thoughts on the business

Our goal is to provide the world with the "Skills of a Beautician" and the "World's Best Hospitality". 


Our first priority is to help hairdressers around the world live a more fulfilling life by spreading the skills necessary for hairdressing and the "culture of hospitality" that we have built up over the years in Japan.


Why is it said that Japan's hospitality is one of the best in the world? We believe it is because Japan is a country with a certain unique culture.

While it is good for Japanese beauticians to be active in countries around the world, but our company focuses on following up with beauticians around the world through our products and services so that they can become the only one beauty salon and beautician in their country or locality. 

This is because we believe that the success of local beauticians will greatly improve the development of the beauty industry in your country.

Having worked as a hairdresser in Japan for more than 10 years, and from our perspective as Japanese language teachers, we believe that by adding a little bit of Japanese hospitality to your current skills, your life as a hairdresser will shine even brighter.

Our Business

Sale of Japanese beauty products

We develop overseas sales channels for beauty products that have been  manufactured and sold in Japan, and provide follow-up services after sales.

The main products we handle are those of REVOL CO., LTD. and bravers CO.

Follow-up activities for overseas distributors and hair salons include local sales activities, seminars, and technical guidance (cutting, other hairdressing techniques, use of chemicals, etc.).


Japanese Language Guidance

We offer Japanese language instruction to foreign residents who want to learn Japanese.

We also offer Japanese students who would like to learn English or Chinese. (Elementary level only).


Salon Consultant

We also offer salon consulting services for domestic beauty salons.

We provide consultations on what is needed to increase sales for hair salons.


Communication Seminar
for Beauticians



We hold communication skill seminars for beauticians. At the seminar, we will teach you communication skills that are useful for each scene, such as when listening to customer requests or when instructing juniors in the workplace.




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Beauty Salon  “¿Cómo estás?”
美容室 “コモエスタス”

In March 2022, we will open a beauty salon “¿Cómo estás?”. Details will be announced soon, so please be patient.


Salon Menu



Contact Us


5-16-22 Kawaguchi, Kawaguchi-city, Saitama, Japan, 332-0015

Phone Number

Tel. +81-48-213-0835



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